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How to Make Him Miss You More! He Will Think About You All the Time After This Point

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Making a man miss you is very important to make him value you and your relationship. Here are a few ways by which you can make a man miss you more than usual.

Leave a reminder of yours
Think naughty or nice the choice is ultimately yours to decide how you want him to remember you. You could leave a belonging of yours back at his place to serve as a reminder of you. It could be the book that you were last reading, your favorite CD, a dingle pair of earrings or something a little more intimate like lingerie? You can make a man miss you by working on his imagination.

Wear a lingering perfume
He will remember you more whenever he can get a whiff of you. Wearing a signature perfume always helps here. Before you leave spritz on a wee bit on his night shirt or his pillow so that he thinks of you each time.

Call him but not so often
Calling him every hour or every day and giving him a running commentary of what your day has been like is not going to give him any opportunity to miss you. But you do have to call him to remind him of your existence. Make your calls infrequent and see how he begins to look forward to meeting you.

Don’t sound miserable
Whenever you decide to call him make sure that your calls are short and breezy. Calling him, crying and letting him know how miserable you are without him will not make him miss you. Sound happy and upbeat and he will miss the happiness that you bring.

Show him things that he never really saw
You can be the eyes through which he sees the same old city but in a new light. Make him appreciate the sunset, a walk in the park, appreciating a beautiful morning or admiring a work of art. When you are not around he will begin to miss you more each time he sees these things.

Write him a love letter
Love letters have a charm of their own. Tell him what you have been up to and how much you are missing him (don’t go overboard though). Use a bit of your perfume to make this letter a more personal and send a picture of the two of you having a good time along with it. It will definitely make him miss you a lot

Call him just to say good night
Night is a time when people are the most alone as the world has gone to sleep and you are alone with your thoughts. Give him a call then just to say good night and become a part of his thoughts where he will not be able to help missing you more.

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