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What Does It Mean When a Guy Tells You He Has Been Thinking of You? Know the Real Reason

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So the guy professes that he’s been thinking a lot about you lately. Do you believe or doubt him? What does a guy really mean when he says this statement? Should you be glad that he said it or is he just playing with your emotions?

It all depends on his demeanor.

When he said that he’s thinking of you, did he smile at you or was it more of a brush off (like he just wants to stop your blabbing)? Try to look past the statement and see his facial expression instead. If you’re a good judge of character, you should be able to tell what his real intention is.

It could mean that he’s already drawn to you.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as him, already magnetized to you. He’s telling you the truth that he’s been thinking a lot about you lately so believe him!

This guy just wants you to know that you’re important to him.

He wants to tell you that you’re second to none. It’s like a declaration that you’re already at the very center of his life. This statement confirms his deepest feelings for you so it’s up to you if you would reciprocate or not.

He wants to know if you feel the same way.

Sometimes, guys tell these things because he wants to see your initial reaction when you hear it. Will he see shock? Then that means that he should take his time. Did he see happiness? Then that could only mean that you like him, too.

He’s already professing his feelings for you.

What more could a woman ask for? A guy is thinking of her! That could only mean that she’s an integral part of his life now. He’s obviously in love with you and telling you that he’s thinking of you a lot means he’s just a few days short of admitting his love for you.

He wants to let you know that you don’t go unnoticed.

This guy also wants to let you know that he’s been impressed with you for the longest time. He wants you to know that he sees your pretty face, those fashionable clothing, and that unforgettable fragrance.

He’s testing the waters for his next move.

Again, this guy is just checking for your initial reaction once he tells you that he’s been thinking of you. He now wants to assess whether he should woo you or not. Only your pure, first reaction would lead him on or destroy whatever feelings he has for you.

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